Does Age Play A Role in Trying To Get Pregnant?

With more and more couples putting off having a family until later in life, fertility for woman starting trying to conceive over the age of 35 has become a big issue.

But can age really affect fertility that much, and is it still possible to get pregnant naturally when you are older?

While studies do show a decreasing fertility in both men and women due to hormone fluctuations, the biggest factor in older couples trying to conceive is the rate of miscarriage which increases slowly after the age of 30 and at around 42 years of age is a factor in about half of all pregnancies.

There is also an increased risk factor for birth defects, especially Down syndrome in babies born to woman over the age of 35.

Does Age Play A Role in Trying To Get Pregnant
Does Age Play A Role in Trying To Get Pregnant

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Basal Body Temperature (BBT) 101

Don’t know how to chart your BBT temperature or need a refresher course in what exactly Basal Body Temperature means? Then this article will go over some of the basics you need to know when charting your cycle and understanding the temperature changes that your body goes through.

Why measure your BBT?

If you have spent any time at all trying to conceive then you know that you need to know your exact ovulation day to increase your chances of getting pregnant each month, and so measuring your basal body temperature will help to accurately pinpoint your ovulation day (even though you usually only can confirm it after you have already ovulated).

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