Does Taking Cranberry Improve Your Chance Of Conceiving?

There have been some rumors on one of the fertility message boards that I read that taking cranberry juice or cranberry tablets will improve your chances of conceiving a baby. Now I knew that cranberry can help if you have a UTI infection, but can it help you in getting pregnant?

From the research that I’ve found, taking cranberry does not help pregnancy per se, but it can influence the gender of your child – which is great news if you are trying for a girl baby.

getting pregnant cranberry juice
getting pregnant and cranberry juice

What it does is make the cervical mucus (cm) more acidic and therefore more hostile to sperm. But because the female sperm are stronger, they are more likely to be able to survive and reach the egg.

Cranberry can also interfere with the amount of cervical mucus that you produce, often drying up your CM, again making it harder for the male sperm to navigate through since sperm need a good amount of egg white cervical mucus (ewcm) to swim through to reach the fallopian tubes.

So who should take cranberry?

If you are trying for a girl and you have no issue with the amount of fertile ewcm that you produce then by all means take cranberry juice or tablets (either is fine). At the very least you’ll reduce your chances of contracting a UTI! Lol

If you are trying simply to fall pregnant, then it’s probably best to avoid the cranberry because it can dry up your mucus making it more difficult to conceive if you are already having problems in that area.

If you currently have a UTI and are taking cranberry tablets or drinking cranberry juice to try and clear it up, but also are trying to conceive then make sure you drink lots of water as well to make sure it doesn’t interfere with the amount of ewcm that you produce.

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