Getting Pregnant by Improving Your Cervical Mucus

Cervical mucus / cervical fluid is one of the three primary fertility signs to getting pregnant according to Toni Weschler of Taking Charge of Your Fertility, with the others being charting your basal body temperature each morning and keeping track of your cervical position during your cycle.

In this post I’ll talk about how you can improve your chances of getting pregnant by increasing the amount and quality of your cervical fluid.

By the way, I’ll use both the terms cervical fluid (CF) and cervical mucus (CM) throughout this post, but they both mean the same thing.

Getting Pregnant by Improving Your Cervical Mucus
Getting Pregnant by Improving Your Cervical Mucus

Improving Your Cervical Mucus

Throughout a woman’s menstrual cycle there are many changes to her body and one of the most obvious signs is the type and quantity of cervical mucus that she produces. It appears right before ovulation and is considered an important sign of fertility.

The typical pattern usually goes something like this:

Slippery/Wet/Eggwhite << Most Fertile

It is the slippery wet cervical fluid that is the ideal and most fertile fluid that you can produce because it is what helps get the sperm to the egg – it’s what they swim through and keep them nourished while waiting for the egg to appear and fertilize it. It often resembles egg whites because it’s clear and stretchy and very slippery.

Therefore the more quality egg white cervical fluid that you produce, the more fertile that you will be and the better your chances of getting pregnant.

So how do you make sure that you have lots of fertile cervical fluid?

  • First of all make sure you drink lots of water. Your body needs water to make the fluid from and the more you drink the more you should be able to produce.
  • Vitamin B6 is a great vitamin for improving the amount of fertile cervical mucus that you produce. Most women are deficient in B6 and don’t realize it because many multi vitamins usually only have a small amount included. You can safely take up to 200mg per day but start with a smaller does (around 60mg) and work up each month.
  • Many women swear that snacking on baby carrots and steaming them for their dinner greatly improves the amount of fluid that they produce.
  • Plain Robitussin expectorant with the active ingredient Guaiferenesin works by thinning out any mucus in the body and is great if you only produce thick creamy fluid and want to ‘water’ it down. Try taking 2 teaspoons 3 times per day for optimal results.
  • Drinking green tea has also improved the fertility of many women and many swear that by drinking it during the weeks leading up to ovulation was the first time that they produced really good quality egg white cervical fluid.

By improving their fluid quality many women who have had trouble conceiving a baby have found getting pregnant much easier and these tips are very easy to do at home.

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