Getting Pregnant Fast – My Simple Tips

Today there are so many women struggling to fall pregnant (I know because I’m one of them) and so I’ve searched around for the best tips I know to help you speed up the process to having a baby. So keep reading so I can show you how to get pregnant fast.

Now I’m going to assume that you don’t have any medical reasons why you can’t conceive such as blocked tubes or endometriosis (if you are unsure it’s worth getting checked out by your doctor).

But if you are like me and the doctors can’t find anything wrong with you or your partner then here are some tips to help you conceive much faster.

First off you need to make sure that you are as healthy as can be. That means eating good food, including lots of healthy fruits and vegetables and lean proteins. This goes for your partner as well – since you want to make sure that his sperm is also strong and healthy.

How to Get Pregnant Fast
How to Get Pregnant Fast

Next you need to do some exercise. I know, I hate exercise too – but just walking for half an hour day will help you to get pregnant fast because it increases your circulation. You need good circulation if you want all those reproductive hormones to function correctly.

Drinking water also helps increase your metabolism and circulation and can help balance your hormones.

Now that you are in good shape it’s time to determine your ovulation day. I’m not going to go into too much detail about that here (if you have been trying to fall pregnant for any length of time I’m sure you know how to determine your ovulation day).

So now you need to have sex around your ovulation day including the day prior, the day of and the day after to make sure you catch that egg. Try and enjoy intercourse as studies have shown that women who have an easier time falling pregnant have a healthy and enjoyable sex life.

And finally just relax. I know, I hate it when people tell me to ‘just relax’ too – sometimes I want to just smack them, but stress hormones can interfere with fertility so try deep breathing, yoga or other relaxation techniques. At the very least it will keep you sane during this already stressful time.

My blog is filled with lots more tips and advice on how to fall pregnant, so feel free to have a look around. Baby Dust to you.