Maximize Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

If you have been trying to get pregnant for some time then you’ll know how frustrating the waiting game can be. Add to that the misconceptions and stories on improving your fertility and you’re left wondering when the best time to attempt baby making is, what positions you need to use and whether your fertile mucus is ‘egg white’ enough.

Fortunately if you want to maximize your chances of getting pregnant then there are some tried and true methods that you can try to help bring the stork closer to your door.

The two main factors you need when trying to conceive a baby is to make sure you are ovulating (and know exactly which day that is in your cycle) and also to give the sperm the best chance of reaching the egg by improving your cervical mucus.

The first is easy enough to find out; you’ll just need a method of determining your ovulation day. You can try charting your temperature watching for signs of ovulation, or use prediction kits such as ovulation tests or saliva monitors.

Maximize Your Chances of Getting Pregnant
Maximize Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

The second fertility factor: your cervical mucus is a little more tricky. Most women are blessed with abundant cervical mucus and other’s need a little help. Evening Primrose Oil is known to help improve your cervical fluid as is drinking lots of water. All these little tips will help your body know how to fall pregnant.

Getting Pregnant – Your Questions Answered

For some people, getting pregnant isn’t as easy as it should be. It can often take months to be able to conceive a baby even if both you and your partner are perfectly healthy. In this article I’ll go over some of the more common questions about getting pregnant.

How Often Should You Have Sex When Trying to Get Pregnant?

This will depend on the quality of your partner’s sperm. If he has a high motility and quantity of sperm (you can find this out by getting a test done) then you should aim to have sex every night during your fertile phase.

If you partner has a low sperm count then it is recommended that you wait until every second night to give him enough time to produce enough again.

Can We Use A Lubricant When Trying For A Baby?

Many lubricants such as KY jelly are not good when you are trying to get pregnant because they either don’t allow the sperm to pass through them, or may even kill them off before they reach the egg. The only lubricant that is known to be ‘sperm friendly’ is PreSeed.

Otherwise use nothing at all and increase your foreplay to make sure that both you and your partner are sufficiently aroused.

Are Some Positions Better For Making A Baby?

While experts agree that there isn’t ‘one’ optimal position for conceiving many say that any positions that allow for deep penetration (so the sperm is deposited right at the entrance to the cervix) can help when trying for a baby.

These positions include missionary and doggie style. However people have fallen pregnant using a variety of positions, and so don’t think you need to limit yourself to one or two only.

How Long Does Sperm Live?

Depending on the vaginal environment, some sperm have been known to live up to five days which is why you can get pregnant even if you have sex days before you actually ovulate.

If you would like more tips on how to fall pregnant then look around my blog which has lots more ideas and tips for getting pregnant.