Getting Pregnant on your Period – Is It Really Possible?

If you have been wondering (or worrying) over your chances of getting pregnant on your period then you’ll probably be relieved to know that it’s probably unlikely to happen. The reason is that ovulation usually occurs around fourteen days after the start of your period (give or take a few days) and it’s only at that time where it’s possible to get pregnant.

Ovulation is when your body releases an egg ready to be fertilized by the sperm. If there is no egg, there is no chance of conceiving a baby. Your period, or menstruation, is when the body shed’s the uterine lining that has been built up in case you do conceive. If you have your period it means that you are not pregnant.

Of course having said that, there have been rare cases when a women has actually gotten pregnant while on her period – but remember these cases are very rare and the probability of it happening to you is quite low.

Getting Pregnant on your Period
Getting Pregnant on your Period

The only way it would be a possibility is if you either ovulate extremely early in your cycle, or that you have a period that lasts close to fourteen days instead of the usually 5 or 6.

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Conceiving a Girl

A few weeks back I wrote a post about how to conceive a girl baby and talked about both The Shettles Method for conceiving a girl and the O+12 method. I also briefly touched on the Whelan Method but to be fair didn’t write about it as much as Shettles because I didn’t have all the information.

So this post I’m going to go into more detail on the Whelan Method and also look at some other sex selection theories as well so you have all the information.

conceiving a girl
conceiving a girl

The Whelan Method for Conceiving a Girl

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The Best Time to Conceive to Get Pregnant

If you are trying to achieve a pregnancy then you know that there are only a few days per month that you are able to conceive properly that results in getting pregnant, and those days are when you ovulate (when your body releases the egg ready to be fertilized).

However determining when you ovulate is not as simple as having intercourse around Day 14 – the supposed magical day that all women are supposed to ovulate – because every woman is different and Day 14 is just an average day. You might ovulate later or earlier.

best time to conceive
best time to conceive

And it isn’t just ovulation that you need to know to get pregnant; you also have to have lots of fertile egg white cervical fluid, be healthy and not stressed, and avoid certain foods such as caffeine and peas (yes ordinary green peas have been known to have contraceptive qualities) and of course your partner needs to have lots of healthy sperm too.

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