Can Iron Help Increase Your Fertility?

Does Iron Help with Fertility?

In a nutshell, yes.

In a recent study, a group of women who had no history of infertility were given iron supplements to determine the effect on their fertility.

The results were that those women who took around 41 milligrams of iron, significantly lowered their risk of ovulatory infertility (the condition where women cannot product healthy eggs or ovulate infrequently).

Most good multivitamins do contain iron so check with your doctor to make sure you are getting the correct dosage.

Symptoms of low iron include tiredness, headaches, shortness of breath and weak brittle nails.

You might have already heard that iron can help improve your fertility, and it’s true that it can. Studies have shown that women who take an iron supplement have 40% less chance of having ovulatory infertility compared to women who didn’t take a supplement. And by increasing the dosage to over 40 mg they have lowered their risk even further by 62%.

Can Iron Help Increase Your Fertility
Can Iron Help Increase Your Fertility

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