Want to Conceive a Boy Baby? The Three Things the Father MUST Do!

If you’ve done any research about how to conceive a baby boy then you’ll know it’s a lot about timing ovulation and altering the pH of the vagina to help the male sperm to reach the egg first. But what I bet you didn’t know is there are things that the Shettles method recommends that the father must do as well. This article will show you the three main things that the father can do to help you get that baby boy.

Keep the Boys Cool

And by ‘boys’ I mean his testicles. (But I’m sure you knew that already). You see the temperature of your man’s testes is important for optimum potency of his sperm. And since the male chromosome sperm is not as strong as the female chromosome sperm you need to do everything you can to make sure that as many of them live as possible.

So that means that he must not take hot showers or baths. And he should wear boxer shorts instead of briefs as this keeps the testicles away from the body, lowering the temperature of his ‘boys’ by a few degrees.

boxer shorts for fertility
boxer shorts for fertility

No Ejaculation for 4 Days

Leading up to the optimum day for lovemaking for making a boy baby (which is ovulation day), the father must not ejaculate for at least four days prior to this day. The reason for this is to make sure there is lots of sperm ready to go and this will put the odds in your favor for conceiving and getting pregnant.

This means that the father will not be able to have intercourse or masturbate during this time (but tell him that it will be worth it once you get your baby boy).

Drink Coffee

While coffee isn’t recommended for women since it can decrease fertility and increase the chance of miscarriage, this isn’t the case for men – it can actually help to wake up his sperm and get them moving faster.

So prior to lovemaking, the male should drink a caffeinated beverage such as coffee or cola. This will allow the sperm to reach their destination slightly faster and give the male chromosome sperm an advantage over the slower (but stronger) female chromosome putting the odds in your favor of conceiving a boy baby.

Bonus Tip

Another thing that the man can do prior to ovulation day is to relax. Actually this is important for both couples since it has been shown that stress can interfere with both male and female fertility. So give your man a massage (and make sure he returns the favor) so you both can stay calm during the period that you are trying for a baby.

Of course there are many other things you need to be aware of when it comes to getting pregnant with a boy baby and you can read more about how to conceive a boy here.

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