When Should I Try to Conceive the Boy Baby I’ve Always Wanted?

Nothing brings more joy than a baby boy, as they say and as a mother to a beautiful son I can certainly believe that. In fact when trying to choose the gender of your child, more people try to get pregnant with a boy than with a girl. So if you would like to know when should you try to conceive a boy baby then this article will help you plan the right time.

Probably the most well known method of sex selection is the Shettles Method. The Shettles Method claims over 85% success rate for conceiving a boy. (The success rate for getting a boy using the Shettles Method is much higher for a boy than a girl).

Dr Shettles discovered that the male decides what sex your baby is going to be. If the sperm carrying an X chromosome reaches the egg and fertilizes it, then you’ll get a little girl. If the Y chromosome sperm fertilizes the egg then your little baby will be a boy.

Conceive a Boy
Conceive a Boy

Dr Shettles found that the Y sperm is very fast but not very strong so using this knowledge to your advantage, you can then time your intercourse around your ovulation day.

The first step is pinpointing the day that you ovulate. Once you know this day then you want to have sex from 1 day before ovulation right up to the day you ovulate. That means that the male sperm will be able to reach the egg first and you’ll increase the odds that you’ll have a boy baby.

By timing your sex to as close to ovulation as possible you’ll give yourself the best possible chance of conceiving a boy baby and pretty soon you’ll be knitting yourself some blue booties for you new precious bundle of joy.

There are even more tips and ideas for conceiving a boy and getting pregnant on this blog, I hope you enjoy the articles!